Email Validation

Sending emails to invalid addresses negatively affects your sender reputation which is monitored by Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and other ISP's. The lower your reputation, the slimmer the chances that your email reaches your recipient’s inbox.

Prep your email lists for an effective campaign!

Most hygiene vendors will accept email addresses as valid that is properly formatted, comes from a domain configured to receive mail, and does not appear in one of their suppression lists—even if that email address does not correspond to an existing mailbox. In contrast, we actively verify email addresses to determine if the account is valid and deliverable at that specific time. This allows us to accurately verify over 98% of email addresses correctly.

The list of emails are passed through a series of algorithms to check Domain names, Syntax, username and inbox placement. This list, despite bulk emailing, you will never get spammed and we assure our customers an accurate email list.

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