Data Intelligence

With people changing jobs, houses, email addresses and interests frequently, keeping a track is getting tougher for marketers. 4profiles offers the following Data Solutions to keep your data up-to-date and get optimum results and improve revenues and ROI. Translate data into actionable insights with our solutions:

B2B Profiles

Our Global Business database is your most comprehensive, up-to-date resource for finding business sales leads and mailing lists. You can choose your lists by industry, business sizes, sales volume, geography, and other demographics to create a customized list that will help you reach prospects on time, save time and resources and get a better return on investment.

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OnDemand Lead Generation

As a business marketer, generating high quality leads for your sales channels tops your list of priorities. You need to go beyond generic business lists and run-of-the-mill lead generation techniques to providing actionable market intelligence to your sales team. You need a marketing partner with expertise in helping you find the right contacts at the right companies who are ready to purchase your product or service. For over 8 years, 4profiles has helped business-to-business marketers go beyond simple lead generation to discovering real sales opportunities.

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Data Enhancement

Your in-house database needs to be updated at regular intervals. Today, people change their mailing and email addresses frequently, and hence it is imperative to update the database regularly. Our data enhancement techniques will make list handling fast and simple. It provides an easy way to manage your database without the support of your technical experts. Our research analysts have designed solutions to overcome hurdles with simple yet effective methods.

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