Data Enhancement

Your customers are constantly on the move – always changing where and how they live, shop and buy, not to mention how to reach them. Getting connected, and staying connected, is an enormous challenge. Accurate data is essential to controlling costs and getting your message heard.

Data Appending

Accurate data is the most important part of your business to carry out prospecting, sales and marketing. Yet, insufficient data and inaccurate data make prospecting a tough task.

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Data Suppression

More than often, lists are built and maintained over the years and you might be wondering if you will ever get unique profiles that you already don’t have in your in-house database.

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Data Hygiene

Data hygiene can be an elaborate process depending on the method chosen and has to be planned carefully to achieve the objective of eliminating bad data. 4Profiles have simplified the process and is designed to deliver performance.

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Email Validation

It is estimated that over 32 % of professionals change their email addresses every year. With an impeccable email validation process, dead and bad email addresses are filtered out of the database. It saves your servers from being blacklisted and save you campaign costs.

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