B2B Profiles

The 4Profiles’ B2B Database is a list of all the businesses that are actively trading around the world. We have over 34 Million profiles spanned across several industries and geographies. Whether they are retail shops or headquarters of large organizations, we have the details pinned down.

Our Market Intelligence team research on the information provided by you and get to know what your target is, what your goals are and come up with a strategic plan to help boost your campaigns.

The data consultant team further research and verify the details and identify a set of contacts that exactly meet your business needs and transform the email data into effective market intelligence.

With a vast range of selection options to choose from you can customize your campaigns in no time and we will help you find exactly the right data.

  • Global coverage
  • 34 million profiles with full completeness
  • 12 month complete update cycle
  • Fully telephone verified
  • Range of SIC and Market sector codes
  • Number of employees - full coverage
  • Financial information
  • Accuracy Guaranted

How do we update and maintain?

The best way to obtain information about a business is to phone up and ask. We do that about 10,000 times a day..... every day! We check the name and address, number of staff, what sort of premises and even the web site address. Every business gets a call from us at least once a year and more often if we suspect something has changed. We focus on businesses that we think there is more of a chance something has changed, we don't just start at abattoirs in January and work our way through to zoos in December, we apply intelligence and prioritize phoning businesses that are most likely to have changes. With the data being interrogated more than a million times a day, with our proprietary automation tool, we soon find out if a listing is inaccurate and we then dial it to update within 24 hours.

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